About the Show

Saidah Murphy leads a journey of healing as she speaks with Black Women about their relationship with their hair, skin, jobs, family, friends, significant others, and more! 


Season 1

Saidah talks with Beatriz Reynoso about the ups and downs of friendships, how to be mindful of the types of relationships you build, and how to foster healthy friendships. 

In this episode, Saidah speaks with Lohanne Cook about her hobbies, and how she finds the confidence to share her talents with the world!

In this episode Saidah talks with Kelli Johnson about the struggles we all go through with loving our bodies, and ways we can combat those negative feelings. 

Saidah speaks with Denese Duran about how a radical change led to a life full of self love. 

Season 2

In the first episode of SEASON 2, Saidah talks to Danielle Desir of The Thought Card about her tips and tricks for traveling the world, and how she got the confidence to explore new places (sometimes by herself).

In this episode, Saidah speaks with Katrina Hilliard about her relationship with her teenage son, and what led to her decision to send him to boarding school.

In this episode, Shauna Flowers shares her entrepreneurial journey and the hard sacrifices she had to make in order for her businesses to grow.

In this episode, Saidah speaks with Kay from the Master Bait’N Podcast about her experiences in her marriage and the lessons it’s taught her. Bonus guest: Nicole Tessier of the MomLife: Yes I Can Podcast.

In this episode, Saidah hears the story of Michelle Whitaker. Michelle share with us how she overcomes negative self talk and creates positive thoughts to drive her day-to-day life.